CALLING SMEs: New drum-drying food tech perfect for you!

Banana flakes for snack.

A NEW TYPE of snack foods for the health-conscious has been developed by scientists of the Industrial Technology Development Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

CAN DRY LIQUIDS, Etc – These are the fruit flakes that are processed by means of drum drying. Drum drying is an effective method of drying liquid, slurry, and pureed food materials. This results in longer shelf life. This technology can dry very very viscous foods and heat-sensitive materials that require short-time low-temperature drying. 

SOME OF PRODUCTS – Kitchen staples like cereal, dried fruit, starch, and yeast are some of the products of drum drying. DOST through the Industrial Technology Development Institute developed prototypes of fruit products using drum drying.

PERFECT FOR SMEs – The technology can be harnessed by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to produce healthy drum-dried fruit flakes. Fruit flakes are crunchy on-the-go food items with the characteristic color, aroma, and flavor of the original material. It can be eaten as a healthy snack, or used as food ingredient in other consumer products. This technology has product prototypes from mango, banana and makapuno fruits. Further, it may be used in producing flakes from squid, flavored beef, tinola rice, and pumpkin soup.

READY TO BE COMMERCIALIZED – The drum drying technology is now ready for commercialization. Better contact the Industrial Technology Development Institute at the DOST Compound in Bicutan, Taguig City.

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