CABRIO: Fungicide for Banana and Corn

CABRIO is the name of the fungicide developed by BASF for the control of Sigatoka disease in bananas and blight diseases in corn. Both fungal diseases are prevalent in Mindanao.

Manolo Sambrano, senior business manager for Crop Protection of BASF, says that Cabrio also controls fungal diseases of mango, potato and other crops but the imprimatur of the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority is only for banana and corn so far.

Cabrio comes in liquid form. It is very economical because for a hectare of corn, only 500 ml or half liter is needed.

Aside from preventing ย or curing fungal diseases, Cabrio is claimed to have other beneficial effects on crops. The plants become more resistant to stress, according to Sambrano.

BASF Philippines has also a bestselling insecticide called Ascend. It is a soluble concentrate that is effective in controlling stem borer in rice, fruit and tip borer in eggplant, pod borer in stringbeans, and others.

BASF which stands for Badische Anilin Soda Fabrik is a giant chemical company based in Germany with about 113,000 employees worldwide.

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