CALLING PCAARRD: Disseminate Now The Result Of Research On Developing A Science And Technology Model Farm For Native Chicken Production

Day-old chicks of Darag chicken. With the result of the study, a reliable supply of chcks could be achieved.
The Darag Chicken of Panay, the only native strain that has been purified.

In 2016, we received a press release stating that a two-year research project funded by PCAARRD was started in April 2016  at the Capiz State University in Dumarao, Capiz aimed  at developing a package of technology for the production of Darag, the native chicken of Panay.  

Darag native chicken, by the way, is the only native strain that has been purified through judicious selection, breeding and rebreeding. This means that the chickens are more or less similar in appearance, plumage, size and other desirable traits. It is important to have a stabilized breed for commercial production so that the chicken sold in the market will be  more or less of the same size and age, and therefore of the same eating quality.

Dressed Darag chicken. Uniform in size and eating quality.
Whew! Simply mouth-watering.

The project was supposed to have ended in April 2018 hoping to develop a Science and Technology Model Farm (STMF) that will showcase the package of technology for free-range chicken production. The package of technology (POT) would include development of a native chicken breeding and hatchery management system. This will ensure stable supply of both breeder and slaughter native chickens with predictable performance and consistent quality in commercial quantities.

The POT aimed also to include natural feeds, botanical dewormers, vaccine for New Castle Disease (NCD) and range area enhancement protocol for native chicken production. The science and technology interventions would also include emphasis on artificial incubation and brooding.

We are now entering the year 2020. It is about time the results of the research be released for the benefit of the people who are interested in raising native chickens. Will PCAARRD now disseminate the results of the study? PCAARRD is the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development.

These are pure Darag breeders.
Native chicken Inasal.
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5 thoughts on “CALLING PCAARRD: Disseminate Now The Result Of Research On Developing A Science And Technology Model Farm For Native Chicken Production

  1. Yes Sir Zac hope i will receive also the result of the research study. Also on where to buy ready to lay pullets of Darag Chicken?

    1. re Darag chickens better contact Dr. Synan Baguio of PCAAARD. He is featured in my blog and you can get his contact number there. Re saba, if you cannot get tissue cultured seedlings, just plant suckers.

  2. Yes, it is very interesting to know about the result of Darag chicken. It is about time we raise native chickens in our own backyard/farms. They are well adapted to local conditions and we can raise them with natural feeds and without antibiotics as what is available now in the market (28-day old chickens !
    Sir ZAC, where can I get waling-waling na puti ! Thanks a lot and God bless you….

  3. Sir ZAC i am trying to purify the breeds of chicken. i am in the stage of Sorting their colors. pero d ko po ma identify ang kanilang breeds base sa 7 breeds of native chicken. But i really raised Chicken family. I need help po. kasi binebenta ko po sya. as breeder din po. I kept 5 hens and 1 rooster

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