LOT FOR RENT: What Can You Grow On 2,000 Square Meters In Metro?

Fruitful lemons in containers. They can fetch a high price.
Fruiting pomelo in a container. This sells for about P7,000.

When I told a friend that I know of a 2,000 square-meter piece of flat land in a subdivision in Metro Manila that can be rented for a long period at a price of P3 per square meter a month, he showed some interest. That’s P6,000 a month. The place is not flooded and is inside an upper class subdivision. But the fellow asked what could he grow for money in that area?

Well, I told him that he can grow a lot for sale to the households right in the big subdivision. But let me tell you first about the property and why it is a good place to rent for those who are intent in making it productive. The place is part of a big subdivision in Cainta. The family owned the big property that was made into a subdivision. The 2,000 square meters is part of a 1.2-hectare lot that was retained by the family as a souvenir. But the owner is now residing in the US and will not return to the Philippines for a long time.

It is a perfect place to rent for gardening for profit because it is inside a subdivision so there is security, there is water connection, electricity and there is the possible market for whatever is produced.

Seedless guava in a container.
Fruiting balimbing in a container.

FOR LONG TERM, SHORT TERM – I told the fellow that if I were to rent the property, I would plant something for the long term and for the short term. I will grow fruit trees in containers for the long term of two or more years. I mean, I can sell the fruit trees after two or more years. I will distance them far apart, say four meters apart, so that I can plant the short term crops in between. These will include leafy and fruiting vegetables.

Although eggplant is usually grown in the ground, it can also be planted in containers. Plant the hybrid varieties because they are more fruitful.

I will also grow the vegetables in containers like pails (some in black plastic bags) so that I don’t need to cultivate the ground. And vegetables in containers can be sold as they are. Some homeowners want to buy living vegetables that they can place in their backyards. Favorite vegetables in containers include leafy varieties like pechay, mustard, lettuce, Chaisim and others. Fruit vegetables include tomato, eggplant, peppers, bush sitao, okra and others.

Rosemary is a valuable culinary herb.

CULINARY HERBS – There are also herbs that can be grown for cooking as well as for medicinal purposes. Kutsay, shallot and others are needed for preparing many dishes. Tarragon, oregano, rosemary, mint and many others are also used in preparing refreshing drinks.

SEEDLINGS FOR SALE – Some homeowners will probably want to buy seedlings that they can grow in their garden. That is another possible money making project in the 2,000 square meters. Growing seedlings for sale can be very profitable. What is important is that you should master seedling production.

Producing seedlings for sale can also be profitable.

FRUIT TREES IN CONTAINER – What are the fruit trees that can be grown in containers? There are many. These include small citrus varieties that will bear fruit within a short time like lemons, limes, Perante orange, sweet dalandan, variegated orange and pomelos. Also suitable are chico, guava, imported makopa, balimbing and others.

Maybe, if somebody else is interested in renting the 2,000 square meters, we can introduce him or her to the one in charge. We think it is perfect for those who can operate it full time or even part-time.

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