You Can Make Your Own Fermented Seaweed Fertilizer

You Can Make Your Own Fermented Seaweed Fertilizer

Here’s how you can make your own fermented seaweed fertilizer. It is organic and effective plant growth promotant. You can just collect the seaweeds brought by the waves to the shore if you live near the ocean.

Dr. Ronaldo Sumaoang, the fermentation technology expert and organic fertilizer manufacturer, has shared with us his formula. Here we go!

You Can Make Your Own Fermented Seaweed Fertilizer
Seaweeds brought to the shore by strong waves can be fermented to produce organic fertilizer. Note the seaweeds scattered behind Rodel Tumbaga whose work is to gather the strewn seaweeds near a resort where he works in Bolinao, Pangasinan.

1.Gather seaweeds and wash to remove dirt and sand. Finally wash with tap water, rinse.
2.Prepare the following materials: 10 kilos of seaweeds; 1 kilo of enzyme (Novatech Bio-enzyme); 1 kg high-grade molasses or 1.5 raw sugar (brown or muscovado sugar); clean water; glass or plastic container (about 20 liters capacity); and clean cloth.

You Can Make Your Own Fermented Seaweed Fertilizer
Dr. Ronaldo Sumaoang, fermentation technology expert. Novatech founder-owner.

3.Fermentation proper:
a) Grind or mash clean seaweeds.
b) Add clean water to make 10 liters in volume. Put in glass or plastic container that can contain 20 liters.
c) Cover with clean cloth and set aside in cool dry place with no direct sunlight.
d) Allow to ferment for 30-45 days or until solids are totally liquefied.

a) Filter liquefied seaweeds through fine mesh or “katsa”.
b) Dispense in 1-liter plastic or glass bottles, cover tightly.
c) Store in cool place and out of reach of children and pets.
There you are! Now you have your own potent fertilizer.

You Can Make Your Own Fermented Seaweed Fertilizer
This is commercially farmed seaweed. But you can use those seqweeds brought to the shore by the strong waves.
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10 thoughts on “You Can Make Your Own Fermented Seaweed Fertilizer

  1. This is great info!
    Just to confirm, the by-product is foliar fertilizer, right? Just use it in a typical knapsack sprayer?

  2. Dear Sir Zac,

    Saan tayo maka bili nag novatech enzyme? Marami kasi yung ganun klasi na seaweeds dito lalo na pag habagat. dinadala dito sa area ko.

    Yung pag grind or mash sa seaweeds kailangan ba pinong pino? Tpos basta nalang paghaloin ang mga sangkap parang mag halo nag cemento?

    Maraming salamat po. magkaroon ako nag maraming stock nag liquid fertilizer .

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