OFF-SEASON ONION: Production under protective structure studied

A FEW YEARS back, specialists at the PhilMech were  conducting an “Assessment of Off-season Onion Production Under Protective Structure.” The objective is to develop a cost-effective protocol cropping system appropriate for farmer level to produce off-season onion. PhilMech is the Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization. HIGH PRICE DURING […]

BEWARE OF THE BATS: They could ransack your fruiting longkong lanzones!

IF YOU HAVE longkong lanzones trees that are heavy with ripening fruits, make sure you protect them from the bats. They could ransack your fruiting trees and deprive you of the bountiful harvest you are expecting to make when they are fully mature. UNRIPE FRUITS COULD NOT BE EATEN – […]

Mulberry Picking Attracts Farm Tourists!

Mulberry farm  tourists from the Philippines. Mulberry pickers from the Philippines. IN TAIWAN, the leisure farms offer a lot of recreational activities to attract visitors from the local cities as well as from abroad. One of them is fruit picking that is enjoyed by both the young and the not-so-young. […]

Mini Begonia Flowers In Your Salad Are Very Nice To Eat!

  WHEN WE VISITED the Taiyi Ecological Leisure Farm in Nantou, Taiwan, our guide picked some flowers of the mini begonia that was so floriferous and told us to taste it. It was good and we liked it. COULD BE NEW ITEM – Our companion who had a farm that […]

KALINGA BLACK PIG: Bigger and more docile than others

AN INCREASING NUMBER of people, farmers and consumers alike, are getting interested in our native pigs. Practically all of them are black. They are normally smaller than the white imported breeds. And they grow slower, too. BETTER TASTING? – Just the same, many people go for the native black pig. […]

More Farmers Want To Join Private Pig Dispersal In Jalajala

A MULTI-PURPOSE cooperative in Bulacan has launched early this year (Jan. 2016} its pig dispersal project in Jala-jala, Rizal in a bid to provide a new source of income for families who cannot put up their own pig projects due to limited resources. PROPONENT FROM BULACAN – The proponent is […]

Pumpkin Farm With 450 Varieties Attracts 60,000 Visitors!

WANG SHAN, a farmer now in his mid 60s, made a smart move several years ago when he converted his farm into a leisure farm that specializes in pumpkins and its many relatives. Previously, he planted honey dew melons. He collected pumpkin varieties from all over the world which he […]


YILAN COUNTY in northern Taiwan which we visited a few years back might as well be called Kumquat Country because over a hundred farmers there produce no less than 3,000 tons of fresh fruits. SMALL CITRUS – Kumquat is small citrus species that is very prolific. A relative of the […]


ONE REMARKABLE thing about agriculture in Vietnam is that when they see the potential of one crop, they really get into it in a big way. Just like the dragon fruit farms in Long An province that we visited recently. 800 HECTARES – Michael Nguyen Dinh Le, a businessman who […]

Energy Firm Uses FPRDI Technology To Produce Eco-Friendly Charcoal

BANA GRASS BRIQUETTES – An energy company based in Pampanga is intensifying its green charcoal production using Bana Grass as its feedstock and using technology from the Forest Products Research Institute based in Los Baños, Laguna. EQUIPMENT FROM FPRDI -This is the – Mackay Green Energy Inc. which recently bought […]

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