I Could Have Been a Diplomat But I Chose Agri!

IT IS PROVIDENTIAL that my eldest brother Juan told me to enrol in typing and stenography when I was in fourth year high school. Otherwise, I would not be an agri journalist today. Yes, I am not kidding. I would not be an agri editor and writer that I have […]

MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY: Being on the Magazine Cover

‘Money isn’t everything. It is not even enough.” That’s a quote I remember reading from an American humorist. THINGS MORE IMPORTANT THAN CASH – To Dennis Miguel, 33, money is also not everything . There are things more important than cash like breaking a world record in rice farming. That’s […]

Should You Wash Your Bell Pepper After Harvest? ZAC Says No!

LET ME SHARE with you a very grave mistake that Alex (not his real name) committed.  In 2008 he was growing bell pepper for the first time in his farm in Lipa City. He got a very good harvest that he washed right after the fruits were harvested and brought […]


NOT A FEW of our readers have been inquiring from us where they can source the Large Blafck Pig we once featured on the cover of Agriculture Magazine and in our blog. Well, you can try contacting the persons we know who are taking care of this heirloom hog breed […]


ON OCTOBER 23, 2020, we talked on the phone with Edgar Godin, the Bisaya magazine editor who gave up his job in the city in April 2019 to go into farming full-time in the province.  He is the fellow who planted organic vegetables in their rooftop in San Jose del […]

When You Visit BSU, Look For The Benguet Gooseberry

WHEN WE visited Benguet State University in March 2017, we enjoyed eating the Benguet gooseberry from the organic store at BSU. The plant is also called Cape gooseberry and we learned from the Internet that it is a native of South America. LONG AGO – It must have been introduced […]

Young Man Gives Up City Job To Grow Calamansi in Samar

WHAT IMPRESSED us when we met Miguel Lucban in January 1992 was how he managed the family’s 13-hectare calamansi farm in Brgy. Cababto-an in Pambujan, Northern Samar. Their plantation was the biggest in the province so that Mike was often referred to as Northern Samar’s Calamansi King. WAS ALSO FASHION […]

HEALTHY MEAT: Let’s Raise More Sheep For Meat & Profit!

WHEN we interviewed Capt. Oscar Barzaga in June 1992, he must have had the biggest number of purebred sheep in the country that he raised in a 14-hectare farm in Brgy. Langkaan in Dasmarinas, Cavite. A PAL pilot since 1969, he had more than 300 purebreds when we met him. […]

FOR THE HOME GARDEN: Grow Malunggay in a Pail!

Growing malunggay in a container has its advantages. The plant is portable and can be transferred to a safe place during inclement weather. Aside from being very fresh, you are sure that the leaves are free of toxic pollutants. SOURCE OF FUN AND FUNDS – The simple technique can also […]

Marshland Made Productive In Thailand!

VISITING FARMS in other countries often rewards us with practical ideas that could be copied or duplicated where it is appropriate in the Philippines. IN CHIANG MAI – In one place in Chiang Mai, Thailand where Ric Reyes of East-West Seed brought us in February 2013, we witnessed how a […]

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