A DEWORMER made from extracts of Makahiya (Mimosa pudica), caimito and Makabuhay (Tinosphora rumphii) has been developed for goats, packaged into 500 mg capsules by Dr. Tomas J. Fernandez of the Visayas State University in Baybay City, Leyte. MOST HARMFUL PARASITE – The dewormer can control Haemonchus contortus, the most […]


WITHOUT MICRONUTRIENTS: You will get poor yield!

PLANTS NEED micronutrients in very small amounts but they are important nevertheless for the plants’ proper growth, flowering and fruiting. Let’s get to know them. CALCIUM (Ca) – It is required by plants for continuous cell division and formation. It increases fruit setting; controls water intake/usage of cell colloids. If […]


YOU DON’T have to remain poor if you have the initiative to help yourself. Plus the right persons you associate with. Just like Mariano Bañez, a Bicolano from Tinambac, Camarines Sur. He was a poor 29-year-old in 1961 when he headed for Cavite to look for work. He ended up […]

Getting to know R2E2 aka Peach Mango from Australia

ONE MANGO cultivar you can grow in your farm for your own enjoyment is the R2E2 that was released for commercial production in Australia in 1991. It has its own good traits. BIG WITH THICK SKIN – The fruit weighs 600 grams to 1 kilo each and it has a […]

FREE TASTE: Green Golden Queen Fruit At The Sarian Farm!

IF YOU VISIT the Sarian in Teresa, Rizal this week (May 25-30) you  can have a free taste of the Golden Queen fruit as a green mango. You will enjoy eating this because it is sweet and not sour. There are many more fruits that are already mature on our […]

Low-growing mango trees in Taiwan, easier to manage!

MAIN MANGO trunk cut two feet above the ground in Taiwan so that many side branches are allowed to develop. These low-growing branches are induced to bear fruit so the tree is very easy to manage. Spraying is very convenient. So is bagging the fruits to prevent fruitfly damage. The […]

It is very easy to grow the Indian Paniyur black pepper

THE PANIYUR black pepper from India is one plant that you should grow in your home garden or farm for a number of good reasons. REASONS – Paniyur is high-yielding. It produces double the yield of the old variety because it has long fruit spikes, usually 4 inches compared to […]

Big Golden Queen fruits at the Sarian Farm

  ON MAY 22, 2020 my nephew harvested from our Golden Queen tree what is so far the biggest fruit we have harvested in our farm at about 1.5 kilos. Actually there are three fruits  harvested of almost the same size. Previously, the biggest we got was about 1.3 kilos […]

Tips On Growing Our Sweet Balimbing In Containers

ONE EXOTIC fruit that we are really proud of is our Sweet Balimbing or Star Fruit for a number of good reasons. DELICIOUS – The fruit is sweet and very juicy. It can be eaten fresh from the tree or made into refreshing juice with little honey. The fruits are […]

EXOTIC FRUITS: Seedless Varieties From The Sarian Farm

THESE ARE seedless exotic fruits from the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal that you would love t grow in your farm or garden. NO.1 – MINI MAKOPA from Indonesia. This is a prolific bearer at least twice a year. Marcots that are two feet tall are ready to fruit when […]

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