Isabela farm machinery fabricator receives DOST financial assistance

A FARM MACHINERY manufacturer based in Isabela is one of the beneficiaries of financial assistance from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) under its Small Enterprises Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP). INTEREST-FREE – This is the Central Isabela Agri Manufacturing Corporation (CIAMC) headed by Eugene Gabriel, president and CEO. The […]

DR. RENE SUMAOANG: He turns corn cobs into nutritious livestock feed!

CORN COBS are usually thrown away at big corn processing plants and are often considered a waste disposal problem. At best, some use the cobs as fuel, others for growing mushroom. NUTRITIOUS ANIMAL FEED – But one microbiologist, however, has found a way of converting corn cobs into nutritious animal […]

COMPACT RICE MILL: High milling recovery. Very profitable investment!

SMALL SCALE entrepreneurs in the countryside might as well take a second look at a compact rice mill that can perform functions of the bigger models. PROFITABLE INVESTMENT – This is the model LH 5001 from Korea which is now available in the Philippines through a company that represents the […]

GOOD REASONS: Why does Jess Domingo love hot chilli so much?

IF YOU ASK Jess Domingo what is the most profitable crop he has grown in his farming life, he will tell you that it is the red hot chilli. A few years back, he made a net profit of  P70,000 from 700 square meters. Yes, net profit. All expenses had […]

Farmers Can Save A Lot With Biofertilizers Developed In Los Baños!

AT THE URBAN Agriculture trade show in Quezon City a few years ago, UP Los Baños displayed samples of their so-called biofertilizers. These are microbial inoculants that boost the growth and productivity of various crops. FOR FOREST TREES – One of them is Mycogroe which is intended for various forest […]

80 Families Benefit From Oyster Demo Farm That Grew And Grew!

WOULD YOU believe that 10m x 10m demo plot for oyster culture in Silay City, Negros Occidental put up in the early 90s has expanded to 4 hectares and is now the source of livelihood for 80 coastal families? AWARD FOR ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION – Yes, and the association that put […]

Ashitaba Seedlings Grow Fast With Plant Growth Accelerator!

GROWING ASHITABA seedlings was a very slow process for Marvin Chagyu of La Trinidad, Bengued. It used to take him four months for the seedlings to grow a few inches tall. But starting in early September 2014, he found a very fast way of accelerating the growth of his seedlings. […]

ASHITABA: Better Money-Maker Than Strawberry!

A LONG-TIME grower of strawberry in Benguet has shifted to growing the true Ashitaba (Angelica keiski) since 2013 for a number of good reasons. GROWING ON 2,000 SQ.M. – He is Marvin Chagyo, 54, who used to plant strawberry on 7,000 square meters. Now, he is devoting the same area […]


DOC HAS BIG DURIAN FARM – Dr. Teddy (not his real name) is a medical doctor who is a farmer at heart with a clinic in a well known hospital in Quezon City. After graduation from college, he planted 600 durian trees in his farm in Zamboanga del Norte. LONG […]

OH MY GOD! Flowers conquer a maiden’s heart. Building dream farm together 20 years later!

WHENEVER I interview a couple who are in agriculture, especially if they are professionals, we often ask how they met each other. I have often observed that it often breaks up the tenseness on the part of the interviewees. LOVING COUPLE – Recently, we met such a couple who are […]

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