FOR OFW’s: Special Discount On Compact Rice Mill

PHILIP KIM, president of FIT Corea Trading Phils. has revealed to this blogger that Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) can get a special discount on the Lee Hwa rice mill from Korea. This is a very compact machine that can be a profitable investment in the provinces, or even in the […]

BRANSON TRACTORS FROM KOREA: Still Little Known In The Philippines But A Winner In Other Countries

BRANSON TRACTORS are still little known in the Philippines but it could become a big winner as more Filipino farm owners can experience the superior performance of the agricultural machines from Korea. Philip Kim, head of Fitcorea Trading Phils believes that in due time, Branson tractors can become a byword […]

COMPACT RICE MILL: It Can Be A Profitable Investment In The Countryside

A compact rice mill with improved capabilities can be a profitable investment for the countryside where small-scale rice farmers are found. One such rice mill is the LH 5001 model from Korea which can perform the functions of bigger mills that are found in rice processing complexes. The compact rice […]

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