PLANTING TIME: Time to grow Large Longkong seedlings!

THE RAINS are here and it is time to plant our favorite Longkong lanzones from Thailand.This is a superior variety that produces sweet fruits with few seeds and is latexless. PESKY WEEDS – The problems with the coming of the rains is that the weeds are very robust and they […]

Getting To Know The Variegated Chico

Many visitors to our farm in Teresa, Rizal, love to pose and take their picture with our Variegated Chico. They are fascinated, especially with the one that is planted in a big rubberized container which is very low-growing with a lot of branches full of immature fruits. This variety is […]

Let’s Grow More Pomelo Of Good Quality In Luzon

While shopping in our favorite supermarket recently, we checked the prices of local fruits available. We were really surprised that pomelo with good eating quality, sweet and juicy, is more expensive than we thought. For instance, one fruit that weighed  just three grams over a kilo had a tag price […]

Let’s Grow More Durian In Luzon

Let's Grow More Durian In Luzon

Judging from personal observation in supermarkets in Metro Manila, durian prices are much too high for ordinary consumers to afford. For instance, one fruit estimated to be about four kilos, had a price tag of P800 in a supermarket along Ortigas Extension in Pasig City. There were cheaper smaller fruits […]

COUPLE FROM AUSTRALIA: Back To PH To Grow Exotic Fruit Trees


Mila B. Harvie and her brother Lito Bagacina came all the way from Cavite to buy planting materials of exotic fruit trees at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal on June 12, 2019. Mila and her Australian husband Jeff are going to stay for good in the Philippines. They have […]

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