CELEBRITY PIGS! They include Marilyn, Madonna, Sharon, Pilita, Vilma, etc.

Record keeping is more fun if your mother pigs are named after celebrities.

RECORD keeping is more important than you think. When you have a record of the performance of your farm animals, you will easily know which to cull and which to retain.

MARILYN & COMPANY – James who owns a small piggery has christened all his 20 sows with names of celebrities. Thereโ€™s Marilyn, Miriam, Sharon, Pilita and so forth. Their names are prominently displayed in their pens.

This is to give them personalized identities. When you do that you can make record keeping more enjoyable and convenient, James swears.

FACTS IN COMPUTER – He has in fact entered all the pertinent data about each sow in his computer. When you open the record of Marilyn, you will discover what breed she is, her date of birth, first time she was bred, how many piglets she gave in the first farrowing, how many survived, when was it bred again, what medications were given her since she was set aside for breeding, and so on and so forth.

With all the pertinent records about Marilyn, our friend knows if she is a good mother pig. He would know if it would be worthwhile setting aside some of her piglets for breeding. He would also know when to retire her.

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