Certified Organic Ranch In Masbate


RANDY FAVIS manages Fortuna Ranch, the first ranch in the Philippines to be certified as organic by Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP). The farm is located in Tigbao, Milagros, Masbate.

The Fortuna Ranch, a family corporation, was started  by Randy in 1976 soon after he finished an agriculture course, major in animal husbandry, at the Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro.

The 900-hectare ranch is stocked with 600 American Brahmans from the US and Australia. To prevent or control parasite infestation without treating the animals with chemicals, they are pastured by rotation in  70-hectare paddocks.

The animals are divided into three herds of 200 each and each herd is pastured by rotation on four paddocks. In each paddock, the animals are grazed for 7 to 10 days before they are transferred to the next.They graze on Stylo, Humidicola and native forage grasses. Favis observes that native grasses are also relished by the animals.

Fortuna Ranch produces both animals for breeding and for slaughter. The beef is now sold in Landmark in Makati and Trinoma in Quezon City. One 280-gram pack of rib eye costs P350. The steak also comes in New York cuts. Randy Favis can be contacted at 0920-926-5411.

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