CHERIMOYA: Don’t throw away the seeds!

Beautiful cherimoya fruits from Taitung, Taiwan.

The cherimoya variety grown commercially in Taitung county in Taiwan is a very good cultivar. If you happen to be there around October onwards, it is likely you will be able to buy some fruits to eat. Don’t throw away the seeds. Bring them home and germinate them. You can plan the seeds in the Philippines. They will grow under local conditions.

Local fruit fanciers have grown seeds of cherimoya from California have informed us that they are enjoying the fruits of the seeds they had brought home from their trip abroad. One of them ie Eddie Cañuto of Badiang, Iloilo.

Taitung County in Taiwan is highly suitable for the growing of Cherimoya, a delicious fruit from Central America and now also grown in the US and many other countries. The best Cherimoyas are produced in Taitung County because of the good soil and favorable climate, according to Claire Chung who manned the stall at the agri trade show in Kaohsiung City on Nov. 22-23, 2018.

Fruits displayed at the  trade fair  were immediately sold out on the second day (the day the stocks were for sale) to the dismay of some Filipinos like James Chua of Bacolod City who was only able to buy  only four pieces. He had wanted to buy more but other buyers beat him to the draw.

The Cherimoya fruits which were about 300 grams sold for NT$130 apiece, equivalent to about P223 at current exchange rate. According to Chung, the big ones sell at a much higher price in Taitung. For instance, a box of 6 kilos consisting of 9 pieces sells for  NT$1,800 or P3,096 in Philippine money. That’s P344  per piece. Cherimoya is a big money-maker in Taiwan,

By the way, it is very easy to germinate the seeds. It is just like germinating the seeds of atis. Cut a small portion of the bottom end of the seed with a nail clipper so moisture will be able to enter inside to hasten germination, If you don’t do that, it may take a few months before the seeds wll germinate.

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