A CLEVER WAY TO SAVE A BIG AMOUNT: Memoir Of An Agri Journalist

A hundred head of this size could fetch several millions of pesos.

In 1992, the late Abe Tadeja, brought to us Cornelio Junio of Angat, Bulacan so we could interview him. He was then building his dream house with a floor area of 400 square meters. It had cost him several million pesos but he did not have to borrow from the bank because he had a clever way of saving a big amount.

How did he do that? Well, Cornelio owned a big rice mill which gave him a lot of rice bran which is good for feeding cattle. In 1984, he decided to raise cattle and bought 18 top quality females for breeding, including purebred Brahmans.

He wanted to multiply his cattle as fast as possible. He sold only the males as breeders or as fatteners. Whatever income he made was used to buy pregnant cows. Not a single peso would be spent on anything else. After all, he had other sources of income for his family’s other needs.

Eight years later in 1992, he already had 250 head in his herd. He sold 150 of them for several million pesos and that was what he used to construct his dream house. He did not have to borrow from the bank.

At current prices, this could fetch P70,000.
A very clever way to accumulate a big amount, if you ask us.

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