Food security for all Filipinos at all times who enjoy physical and economic access to adequate amount of nutritious, safe and culturally appropriate foods that are produced in an environmentally sustainable and socially just manner and are able to make informed decisions about their food choices.


To provide complete package of farm mechanization services focusing on mechanized technology for rice, corn and other crops.


By the end of 2017, the following are achieved: Increase palay and corn yields by more or less ten (10) tons per hectare per cropping and reduce water consumption during rice and corn production period by 30% of the total irrigation requirement.


1.    Packaging of farm machineries and equipment;
2.    Transfer of complete mechanized farming technology;
3.    Organize service providers for rice and corn farm mechanization;
4.    Introduction of hybrid and inbred high yielding varieties;
5.    Link aging with banks and FIs for the availment of low cost financing;
6.    Linkaging with private and government insurers to secure crop damages due to calamities and
other perils;
7.    Linkaging through marketing tie-ups.


Right Agri was conceptualized as a Development Corporation by five individuals during the early months of 2014 with the aim of promoting objectives that support the attainment of Philippine rice sufficiency through mechanized rice production and as an advocate in promoting  RA 8435 of 1997, otherwise known as the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act (AFMA),  an Act that prescribes the need to modernize agriculture in the country.

The following individuals eventually became legal incorporators by virtue of an approved SEC Certification dated June 19, 2014 issued to Right Agri Development Inc.:
The first company Board of Directors were elected as follows:

• Chairman:  Elmer A. Baquiran

• Vice Chairman:  Eugene T. Gabriel

• Secretary:  Sharon Marie S. Paet

• Member:  Antonio Y. Barrientos

• Member:  Romeo S. Vasquez

• Member:  Samuel B. Carino

• Member:  Reynaldo A. De Leon

In order to strengthen the over-all supervisory and administration of the business, an Executive Management was created by the Board to handle the implementation of the different services of the company, to wit:

• President:  Eugene T. Gabriel

• Vice President  for Administrative and Organizational Development:  Sharon Marie S. Paet

• Vice President for Planning and Development:  Romeo S. Vasquez

• Vice President for Budget and Finance:  Antonio Y. Barrientos

• Vice President for Operations:  Reynaldo A. De Leon

• Vice President for Field Group Operations:  Samuel B. Carino

Initial monthly administrative and operational funds were provided by the Agricomponent Group of Companies and a building was offered by owner, Mr. Antonio Y. Barrientos, to the company for occupancy as Corporate Main Office located at No. 11, Magsaysay Avenue, Victory Norte, Santiago City.

The business was launched on September 20, 2014. The occasion was graced by Mr. Eugene T. Gabriel, Ms. Sharon Marie S. Paet, Engr. Romeo S. Vasquez,  and Engr. Samuel B. Cariño.

The company officially started doing its business with the following services:

Right Machines:  Offers complete farm mechanization packages and modules for rice, corn and other agricultural crops
Right Technology:  Offers consultancy for the transfer of complete farm mechanization system and technology through forums, seminars, conferences and trainings
Right Farming:  Offers farm mechanization techniques through on-site demonstration

Address: #11 Magsayasay Avenue, Victory Norte, Santiago City (Isabela), Philippines
Tel.No.: (078)-305-2353
Website:  www.rightagri.com
Email Address: rightagri@yahoo.com

FACEBOOK: Agri Component Corp.

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