East-West Seed Company is the brainchild of Dutch agriculturist, Simon N. Groot and Filipino Seed Trader, Benito M. Domingo.

Years ago when the vegetable seed industry in Southeast Asia was little more than a seed trading system, vegetable plant breeding was just a dream Simon Groot had. In 1982, when he saw an opportunity to locally-develop hybrid seeds that are adaptable to local conditions and with remarkable characteristics, he teamed up with Benito Domingo and formed Hortigenetics Philippines, Inc.

Later that year, as a gesture to show that a partnership between a European and Asian is possible and could succeed, the companyโ€™s name was changed to East-West Seed Company, Inc. After the establishment of East-West Seed companies in the Philippines and Thailand, they eventually conquered Indonesia and Vietnamโ€™s vegetable seed market.

Today, East-West Seed Company distributes high-quality vegetable seeds in about 60 countries worldwide. From Africa to Asia, Australia to America, East-West Seed Company continues to give farmers better seeds for better yields.

East-West Seed Philippines

East-West Seed Co., Inc. Philippines
Km. 54 Cagayan Valley Rd., Sampaloc, San Rafael 3008 Bulacan, Philippines

Tel : +63(044) 766-4952 – 57
Fax : +63(044) 766-1005
E-mail: info.ph@eastwestseed.com

Website: http://www.eastwestseed.com

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