COMING UP: An Agritourism Ranch On Tablas Island, Romblon

Rotational grazing will be carried out for cattle.

An American, Phil Brill, who visited our farm on March 12, 2020 left a card that describes the agritourism ranch that he is starting to establish on Tablas Island, Romblon. He calls it the Tablas Bread of Life Ranch.

His vision? We quote: “Our vision is to develop and practice Agroforesty. Our farm will utilize a holistic, organic, pasture-based multi-cropping system, which will demonstrate the most self-sustaining, ecologically sound and environmentally enhancing agricultural systems possible. We will imitate the diversity in nature and challenge ourselves to be the best stewards possible of the land God has provided.”

And his mission? “Our mission is to develop and demonstrate a healthy, sustainable and productive farm model which through the sharing of our proven techniques and onsite training can be passed on to the local landowners in order to optimize the natural resources in a healthy and sustainable manner and help to raise the standard of living in our local community and hopefully the island of Tablas and the Philippines.”

Great plans! And among the features will be a rotational grazing system, multi-cropping systems, certified organic black piggery, hybrid  commercial odorless piggery, dairy cattle, buffalo and goats, chicken, turkey, duck and rabbit production, fruit and nut orchards, native deer reintroducing program, mushroom growing houses, mobile chicken wagon and multiple processing plants.

Phil has visited other farms probably to get some ideas. I introduced him by phone to Jess Domingo of Domingo Ranch in Ifugao which he visited earlier. Before coming to our farm, he visited Catimon Farm north  of Manila. Too bad we didn’t meet him personally because it happened that when he came to our place, I had an appointment with my doctor.

A certified organic black piggery will be put up.
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