Costales Nature Farms’ Shuttle Service For Foreign and Local Agri-tourists

The Costales Nature Farms is making it convenient for foreign tourists as well as the local ones to visit the interesting organic farm, the first such farm to be accredited by the Department of Trade as organic farm tourist destination in the Philippines. The place is in Brgy. Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna. It is about 3 hours drive from Manila.

Ronald Costales, the owner, says that they can fetch the foreign tourists right from the airport, take them to their farm where they can also stay overnight or longer in their lodging facilities. Then they can take the tourists back to the airport or their hotel in Manila. Some may opt to attend the hands-on organic crop production seminar conducted by Ronald himself and his son Reggie.

Aside from observing the farm’s organic crops production, the package can include the visit to a nearby waterfall, historical landmarks around the vicinity and a visit to the shoe and slipper makers in Liliw town.

The visitors can also partake of the gustatorial specialties at the Costales farm like leafy salads that include edible ferns, lettuce and other leafy greens. They also have organic meat recipes of Pekin duck, native pigs, organic chicken, fish and others.

The shuttle service is also offered to local tourists. Say, there is a group in Manila who would like to visit the farm but they are not familiar with the route to the place. Or they don’t have their own ride. They can be picked up in a convenient place, say the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. They they will be brought to the farm and then taken back to their place of assembly in Quezon City.

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