They created their own goldmine right around their home!

Bromeliads were their big money-maker.

SOME people are simply admirable. They don’t have to look for employment elsewhere because they know how to create a goldmine right around their home.

MOVED TO BIGGER PLACE – Just like a couple we know who live in Marikina. About four years ago they sold their house and lot in Quezon City which was proving to be too small for them, and bought a 3,000 square meter lot in Marikina.

TOPIARY – One of the things they did was to select a few varieties of ornamental shrubs which are suitable for topiary. They have been growing them in pots as well as direct in the ground. These small trees are shaped into nice oval and round shapes which are bought by landscapers doing Japanese gardens.

AFFORDABLE – They have a steady string of customers because they are about the only ones specializing in tailored small trees in Metro Manila. And their prices are quite reasonable, too. Their topiaries cost as low as P50 each but there are nice ones that fetch a few hundred pesos each.

The couple have only two boys to help them, and the husband and wife don’t really have to work very hard. They work at their own leisure, which could be a most enviable lifestyle.

BROMELIADS – Aside from their tailored trees, the couple decided to devote a major portion of their lot for growing bromeliads. They already had mother plants when they moved to Marikina and only had to buy a few of the newer varieties for propagation purposes. They didn’t sell their plants until late in 1994 when every vacant space was already filled with bromeliads.

UNIQUE MARKETING – The couple marketed their bromeliads in a most unique way. This was on a take-all basis. They offered their plants to a rich Chinese landscaper at a price he could not resist since he had the money and he could also use a lot of them in his landscaping jobs.

Some of the couple’s bromeliads were probably worth only P39 each but there were many that could have fetched a few hundred pesos each. Some in fact could have been sold at more than a thousand pesos each. Like the Vriesea Imperialis.

TAKE-ALL BASIS – On a take-all basis, the couple sold their bromeliads at only P30 each. We learned that after two weeks of hauling the plants, the Chinese buyer had already taken P800,000 worth of bromeliads and he had not even hauled half the number. He eventually paid about P2 million for the whole lot.

NEW ORNAMENTAL – After their big sale, the couple looked for seedlings of Chamaedorea seifrizii, also known as Reed Palm, which is good for landscaping as well as for indoor decor. The small seedlings were cheap but when they have grown into big specimen plants, each could fetch more than a thousand pesos.

NEXT MONEY-MAKERS – They are now growing the seedlings in the ground and plan to sell them on a take-all basis again a couple of years from now. Those seedlings certainly would be their next big money-makers. 

(Note: prices in 1995 were very much lower than today’s prices).

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