Crocodile Lechon, Anyone?

Crocodile Lechon, Anyone?
Crocodile Lechon, Anyone?
Crocodile lechon and other preparations served during a tasting event in Teresa, Rizal.
Did you know that crocodile lechon is now available in the Philippines?
Buy the December 2013 issue of Agriculture Magazine and read about Coral Agri-Venture Farm, Inc. (CAVFI) that has 15,000 crocodiles in its farm in Teresa, Rizal. The story is written by our regular Agriculture Magazineย contributor, Pete Samonte.
Crocodile Lechon, Anyone?
A close look at a crocodile with its open jaw, a habit of crocodiles with a full stomach to regulate the cold-blooded nature of the reptile.
While the main product of the company is crocodile skin which it exports abroad, CAFVI is now also focusing on developing gourmet food products, including crocodile lechon.

The other crocodile meat products are Dundee hotdog, burger patties, sisig, Bicol express, crispy pata, tocino, tapa and other preparations.

CAVFI’s initial target has been the production of crocodile skin for export as well as for local sales. In the past years, it has been making money from exporting processed crocodile hide worldwide at $100 per kilo. The company produces some 1.5 tons of skin per year valued at P6.5 million.
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