Cultivate A Loyal Market (Agri Tip No. 12)

(This is another practical tip which we would like to pass on to aspiring farmers. It is lifted from our book “How to Start and Manage Your Dream Farm” which, unfortunately, is out of print. Anyway, we can still share the doable pointers through this web site.)


WE REMEMBER the late Osmundo Mondonedo who used to produce a lot of turkeys in Los Banos. He did not only sell plenty during Thanksgiving Day but also at Christmas time.

He developed a loyal market that bought his turkeys every December. This market consisted of advertising agencies which bought his oversized turkeys for gift-giving during Christmas.

Mondonedo explained that once an agency gave its special clients a turkey for Christmas, the recipient would expect no less than a turkey the next time around. It would not look good for an agency to do otherwise, he said. Thus, repeat orders are almost a certainty come next December.

Bal Evangelista, a businessman whose sideline is raising turkeys, has another way of grossing at least P180,000 every December from just 60 big turkeys that he raises in Antipolo.

He has mastered not only the raising of turkeys but also cooking them. He broils his turkeys and sells them ready for serving, complete with all the “works”, including cranberry sauce. One ready-to-serve turkey fetches at least P3,200. And he sells them mostly to well-off friends who have placed their reservations in advance. One December, he recounted, he could not even meet the orders of his friends so he had to buy elsewhere for his own family’s Christmas turkey.

My good friend Vic Yasis calls that creative marketing. It is very clever of Bal to be raising not so many turkeys so that there is no oversupply. By doing so, buyers don’t usually haggle. It’s a seller’s market. And that holds true with many other farm products. When the supply is short, even the rejects are bought at a high price.

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