Davao Guy Goes For Bougainvillea Trees!

Noel Aton and his P25,000 Tree Bougainvillea.

The bougainvillea craze is on. People around the world are getting hyped, thanks to the Chat Group of Baby Spowart who will stage the Bougainvillea Extravaganza on February 20-March 2, 2020 at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City.The Chat Group counts on some 72,000 Facebook Friends around the world who have generated livelihood opportunities for hobbyists as well as commercial people.

While many of the bougainvillea enthusiasts confine themselves to collection of new and rare varieties, others go for small bonsai, topiaries and other creations like grafting different varieties on one rootstock.

One fellow has a different cup of tea, so to speak. He goes for Tree Bougainvilleas. The guy is Noel Aton, a landscaper from Davao City. He exhibited during the latest Kadayawan Garden and Trade Fair two of his Bougainvillea trees. One is grown in a container unto which a red variety from Thailand was grafted. Tag price was P25,000. Another, a bigger one, was priced at P100,000. It has a huge trunk unto which a white variety was grafted.

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