We met David Remandaban of Anibong Farm in Tacloban City in the late 1980s. He had poultry, pigs, calamansi and all kinds of vegetables in his four-hectare farm. We remember him for his practical ideas.

1. He rented space in the public market that his wife and daughter-in-law managed. That way, he had a ready market for his harvests and had cash flow every day. Whatever was ready for sale from Anibong Farm was brought there.

2. He never allowed any space in his farm to be vacant longer than seven days. He had seedlings of all kinds ready for planting. Every square meter was made productive. That way, thereโ€™s always something to sell in the market.

3. He synchronized farrowing of his pigs. When four sows gave birth on the same day, he distributed the litter of one mother pig to the three other sows. That way, one sow is free and in a few weeks it could be bred again.

4. He butchered his own pigs and sold the meat in his stall at the Tacloban market. Instead of butchering the usual 80-kilo fatteners, he butchered those that weighed only 60 kilos. Why? So that he can sell everything during the day.

5. He really cared for his customers. He never increased his prices during special occasions like Christmas and fiestas.

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