December 2013 Agriculture Magazine

December 2013 Agriculture Magazine

Carmelo ‘Milo’ Ramos, the Papaya King of San Pablo City, graces the cover of the December 2013 issue of Agriculture Magazine. The magazine will be off the press shortly.

The Papaya King used to be a seaman on board a rescue ship that sailed around the world tasked to rescue ships in distress. After saving enough to build a house of his own after 10 years as a seaman, he gave up his job to become a full-time farmer in his native village of Soledad in San Pablo.

Today, he has 18,000 papaya trees in three different locations. His plantation in Brgy. Soledad near where he lives is a 6-hectare rented land that he planted to 12,000 trees consisting of Sinta, Red Lady and Red Royale varieties.

He is currently harvesting about 8 tons of fruits every week worth more than P100,000. He does not have any problem in selling his harvest because a big trader from Manila buys most of the fruits. A small number of ‘seconds’ is supplied to stallholders in Nepa-Q Mart in Quezon City and to roadside stalls in Laguna.

The December issue of Agriculture Magazine also contains many interesting and informative features. Make sure to have your own copy. Agriculture Magazine is the most widely circulated magazine of its kind in the Philippines. It is distributed in bookstores and the distribution network of Manila Bulletin nationwide.

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  1. notice ko po may mga spots yung fruits. hindi ba caused by virus po yan? at saka dun sa pictures sa magazine, curly at yellowing yung top crown ng papaya plant, caused by prv ho ba? thanks

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