Deeply In Love With Jade Lady

Deeply In Love With Jade Lady
Deeply In Love With Jade Lady
Randy Danor and his Jade Lady.

RANDY DANOR, 30, is a fellow who is deeply in love with Jade Lady, a variety of honeydew melon. For ten years now, he has been growing Jade Lady in his half-hectare farm.

He and a few other growers who cultivate only small farms grow high-quality fruits for a special buyer who would rather remain anonymous. The buyer imposes a high standard of quality but he pays a high price for fruits that are sweet and juicy, and with unblemished skin.

Because he and his colleagues cultivate only small farm lots, they are able to take good care of their crops and produce high quality fruits. Their fruits are bought at 30 to 40 pesos per kilo at farmgate. That’s much higher than what other traders pay for the same fruits.

Jade Lady is a variety developed by Known-You Seed of Taiwan which is now distributed locally by Known-You Philippines.

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