Dehydrated Vegetables In Bacolod City

Dehydrated Vegetables In Bacolod City
Dehydrated Vegetables In Bacolod City
Joan Cachuela and her dehydrated veggies.
A new technology that can help farmers add value to their excess harvests is starting to be commercialized in Bacolod City. 
Ramon  Uy of RU Foundry and his research team have come up with dehydrated vegetables that could keep for even about a year on the shelf.
The dehydrated vegetables can be used for cooking vegetable dishes whenever there are no fresh veggies available. All one has to do is soak the dried vegetables in water, and they will regain their fresh condition.
The lady responsible for helping develop the technique is Joan Cachuela, a food technology graduate of UP Diliman. She has been using a small model for drying the vegetables, capable of drying only 6 to 8 kilos at a time but Ramon says he can easily come up with a much bigger dryer for commercial production.
It will take about four hours to reduce the moisture content of the fresh vegetables to 2 to 6 percent moisture content. Usually, a recovery of 20 percent is achieved. This means that a 10-kilo batch of vegetables will weigh two kilos after drying.
Among the vegetables that are suitable for drying are okra, eggplant, squash, ampalaya, alugbati, saluyot, patola, upo, sitao,  many other varieties of beans, radish and many more.
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