DEXTER DIFUNTORUM: Fresh Fruits Marketing Specialist

DEXTER DIFUNTORUM: Fresh Fruits Marketing Specialist

DEXTER DIFUNTORUM: Fresh Fruits Marketing SpecialistDEXTER L. DIFUNTORUM, 38, is a fresh farm produce marketing specialist who is based in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and in the Philippines. He is currently promoting New Zealand Kiwi fruits in local markets. How he wished there are fresh fruits in the Philippines other than banana, pineapple and mango that he could also promote in the international market. The problem is that there is no organized group of farmers that are producing export-quality fruits that are available in big volumes.

Anyway, he is passionate in promoting in local markets two New Zealand varieties of kiwi fruits in the Philippines.These are the Green and the Sungold varieties. The green variety is round with a fuzzy skin (smooth hairs), sweet with a slight tangy taste. On the other hand, Dexter describes Sungold as having round fruits, tropical sweet and with smooth skin.

In the local market, one green is sold at P20 to P25 apiece. On the other hand, Sungold sells for P30 to P35 apiece. Kiwi fruits, he says, are rich in vitamins. Sungold, he says has three times vitamin C content than oranges. It is also rich in antioxidants and fiber that are essential for good health.

DEXTER DIFUNTORUM: Fresh Fruits Marketing SpecialistDexter admires the New Zealand farmers who have formed a cohesive cooperative that has developed the kiwi industry in that country. Their scientists have developed the commercial varieties with the desirable traits loved by consumers.

Dexter is a member of Fresh Studio Innovations Asia. He could be contacted through his mobile phone in the Philippines: 0917-884-9984.

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