DON’T RENT! Look For Farm You Can Use For Free!

Benito Magaling posing with his fruitful tomatoes he planted in a subdivision for free. ย Photo by JP Yap Jr.

Did we say that renting land to do our farming is profitable? You bet. But it is even more profitable if you can have the use of the land for free to grow your favorite crop.

Are there such situations? Once in a blue moon, there are. And if you are the lucky guy, God bless you! The lucky guy who had that rare chance sometime back is our favorite farmer from Brgy. Pusil, Lipa City. No other than Benito S. Magaling.

About four years ago, he learned that a subdivision of army officers in Lipa offered the free use of its idle lots for those who want to plant vegetables, Benito immediately applied for four hectares.

There was only one house that was constructed then and most of the vacant lots were overtaken by weeds. The place was ideal for growing crops because it has been well developed. It was fenced with well paved concrete roads, has water source and electricity can be had.

What did Magaling do?ย  He planted the four hectares to Diamante Max, a high-yielding variety, which he harvested just before Christmas. Of course, he got a high price for his harvest. Lucky guy, this Benito Magaling. Or he is just sharp in spotting opportunities.

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