IF YOU  APPLY fertilizer on acidic soil, a big percentage of the nutrients will not be absorbed by the plants, hence wasted. Take, for instance, complete fertilizer which contains 14% nitrogen (N), 14% phosphorus (P), and 14% potassium (K). If you apply this on a soil with 4.5 pH which is Extremely Acidic, only 30% N, 23% P and 33% K are absorbed, hence 71.34% is wasted.

When the soil has 5.0 pH, considered Very Acidic, only 53% N, 34% P and 52% K are taken up by the plants. This means 53.67% is wasted. 

With a 5.5 pH, considered Acidic, 77% N, 48% P and 77% K are absorbed. That means a loss of 32.69%. If the pH is 6.0, Slightly Acidic, 89% N, 52% P and 100% K are absorbed. There’s a loss of only 19.67%.

ZERO WASTE IN NEUTRAL BUT NOT ALWAYS IDEAL – Now, if the pH is 7.0, Neutral, 100% of the NPK is absorbed by the plants. There is 0 wastage.

However, a Neutral pH (7,0) is not necessarily the ideal pH for all plants. The Department of Soil Science of UP Los Baños had published a booklet, Soil Analysis and Fertilizer Usage, which reports the ideal pH for various crops.

How do you decrease the acidity of soils? This is done by applying agricultural lime. You can check with a pH meter if you have attained the desired acidity or alkalinity of your soil.

HERE’S A NEW PRODUCT – A technical expert of Zetryl Chem PH who read about the bumper crop produced by two corn hybrids of Bayer said that an even higher yield could have been possible with the application of GreenCal on the field for planting the corn seeds. GreenCal is a new product distributed by Zetryl Chem.

BETTER SOIL POROSITY – How? Well, GreenCal can improve the soil by making it more porous so that the corn plants will develop extensive root system that will absorb more nutrients and water from the soil for its fast growth and development. It will also promote the increase in microbial population that is beneficial to the plants. Because of the high calcium content of GreenCal, the plants become tough which discourages the attack of insects and diseases.

HERE’S HOW IT IS DONE – Apply 4 bags of GreenCal (25 kg per bag) five days before planting the corn seeds. Apply another 4 bags per hectare 25 to 35 days after planting. That’s all.

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