The Pinoy Microsatellite developed by scientists and engineers of the Department of Science and Technology and which is slated to be launched into space shortly will benefit Filipino farmers in a big way, according to the DOST statement.

How? Once launched into space, the microsatellite will be able to send useful data on weather systems which are crucial for farmers to time or adjust their planting methods and procedures in the light of climate change. They will be able to determine what crops to plant, when to plant, and how else they can adjust to the changing climate.

At the same time, the satellite technology will enable the national weather agency, PAGASA, to make accurate forecasts and weather monitoring. The agency will be able to predict extreme weather systems like the El Niño phenomenon that can dramatically affect agricultural productivity.

Aside from information that is useful to agriculture, the microsatellite technology can be used to monitor our forest cover and natural resources. It can help concerned agencies to implement a responsive disaster risk management program like Project NOAH, enhance water resources management systems and improve weather monitoring and forecasting

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