Dr. Emily Fabregar Thanks ZAC

Dr. Emily Fabregar and Zac B. Sarian at the Lapanday
nursery in Callawa, Davao City.

WE have received a message from Dr. Emily Fabregar of the Tissue Culture Laboratory of Lapanday Food Corporation in Davao City.
She said that probably due to our featuring her in this blog or in the Manila Bulletin Agripage, a client in Palawan is ordering banana meriplants from her.
Meriplants are small plants from the tissue culture lab. They are very convenient to transport because they are very small. One box can contain as many as 2,500 meriplants.
Dr. Fabregar will be tissue-culturing the two Cavendish variants from Taiwan that have been observed to be resistant to the Fusarium Wilt Tropical Race 4 (TR4).
She is also producing a lot of lakatan tissue cultured planting materials for those who would like to plant lakatan.
There’s one possible business opportunity for those residing in Luzon and Visayas. They can buy meriplants of their desired variety from Lapanday. Then they can harden them in their own nurseries near where they are going to be planted. Meriplants that cost P7 or more each can be sold in Luzon or Visayas for as much as P30 each when they are ready for field planting.
If one is proficient in growing those baby banana plants to outplanting size, one could make a good income.

You can contact Dr. Fabregar at 0918-921-7943.

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