DR. NOEL LUMBO: Vet-Animal Nutritionist Excited About Sansevieria Lady Gaga That He Crossed.

The beautiful Sansevieria Lady Gaga owned by an Indonesian collector. It is Dr. Noel Lumbo’s favorite.
Dr. Noel Lumbo, veterinarian-animal nutritionist, is in love with Lady Gaga Sansevieria. He bought a small plant for P8,000.

Dr. Noel Lumbo of UP Los Baños, an animal nutritionist and avid collector of rare plants, is excited about his favorite Sansevieria, Lady Gaga, which is said to be a cross made by an Indonesian guy by crossing Sansevieria ellensis and Sansevieria halli ‘Pink Bat’. Dr. Lumbo is so excited because he was able to cross Lady Gaga with another variety and he is expecting it to eventually produce seeds. He would like to find out what the cross would look like.

Sometime back, he bought his first Lady Gaga. He has a propagation from a rooted leaf but what he would really like to see is how the plants grown from seed will look like. The Indonesian’s specimen plant has dark color because it is said to have been grown in full sun. Plants grown under partial shade are lighter green.

Lady Gaga grown in partial shade is light green.
A young Lady Gaga grown in partial shade.
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