DR. PABLITO PAMPLONA: He Recommends Planting Of More Longkong And Mangosteen


Dr. Pablito Pamplona, the fruit expert from Kabacan, Cotabato reveals in his article for the Agriculture Magazine that aside from durian, longkong and mangosteen have very good export potential because of the big demand abroad.

Longkong is the superior variety of lanzones fom Thailand which produces sweet fruits that are latex-free and with very few seeds or none at all. Mangosteen, on the other hand, is another fruit that grows well in the Philippines but there is not enough supply for the foreign market at this time.

Longkong which was introduced by Dr. Pamplona for commercial production has been proven to be adaptable under local conditions. He recommends the planting of large planting materials, those at least four to five feet tall, so that they could start bearing fruit in four to five years for as long as they are taken care of adequately.

Dr. Pamplona ovserves that longkong is not as demanding in water requirement compared to durian. However, the trees should be irrigated to ensure high yields.
A total of 200 longkong trees can be planted in one hectare. On the 10th year, the 200 trees can yield 40,000 kilos that could gross the farmer more than a million pesos.

MANGOSTEEN – This fruit is prized not only for its exotic taste but also for its medicinal attributes. Extracts from the fruit and other plant parts are now processed into various wellness products.

The good thing about mangosteen is that it is a very hardy plant that is rarely attacked by pests and diseases. Mangosteen is one of the easiest fruits to grow in the Philippines although in the beginning the young plant is slow growing. This fruit is highly suitable for organic fruit production because it rarely requires spraying with chemical pesticides.

Above are Longkong planting materials while at right is a fruitful Longkong at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

One very successful commercial mangosteen grower is Dr. Alfredo Villarico of Kidapawan City. Years back, he phased out his rubber plantation to give way to mangosteen

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