DR. ROLLY DY’s NEW BOOK: Can Be Ordered From Sarian Farm

Dr. Rolando Dy’s latest book can be ordered from the Sarian Farm. Contact 0995-584-9155 or 0947-409-4700.

The new book of Dr. Rolando T. Dy titled Agribusiness and Rural Progress: Actions For Poverty Reduction, may be ordered from the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal which has been authorized to distribute the book. Sarian Farm is visited by farm enthusiasts almost every day who are looking for planting materials of exotic fruit trees. The contact number is 0995-584-9155 or 0947-409-4700. Orders from the provinces will be sent by LBC or JRS Express.

Dr. Rolando T. Dy is author of Agribusiness & Rural Progress: Actions For Poverty Reduction.
The book comes in two editions. The bookbound costs P1,000 plus LBC or JRS charge for delivery. The paperbound is P800 per copy. These prices are the same as the retail prices from the publisher.

Dr. Rolando Dy is the Executive Director of the University of Asia & the Pacific’s Center for Food and Agri Business. He has been an observer of international agribusiness development for 40 years, with engagements in the ASEAN countries, especially Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The book espouses a dynamic progressive and inclusive economy that is anchored on three strong, interactive pillars: agriclture, industry and services, which have wide linkages. Many people are still not familiar with the depth and breadth of agribusiness and, therefore, do not appreciate its import in overall economic development. The value chain starts with agriculture and fisheries, followed by agri-food manufacturing and agri-services.

For the Philippine economy, poverty is an agricultural phenomenon. In 2015, the national poverty incidence was at 21.6 percent, the highest among ASEAN peers. Most of the poor are in the rural sector where farming and fishing are the main livelihood.

The book observes that high rural poverty is caused by unproductive traditional agriculture and fisheries, which is an offshoot of a lack of investments, weak institutions, poor governance, and unfavorable policies. Low productivity affects investments. Similarly, high povery also affects investments in consumer and industrial goods.

The book is perfect for one’s enlightened reading and excellent as gift to people interested in agriculture, including politicians, policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics and the public in general.

Dr. Rolando Dy’s latest book can be ordered from the Sarian Farm. Contact 0995-584-9155 or 0947-409-4700.
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