DR. RONALDO SUMAOANG: Agribiz Kapihan Speaker, Nov. 10, 2018 At Harbest Events Center, Taytay, Rizal

Dr. Ronaldo Sumaoang with powdered corn cobs used as ingredient in silage making.


Dr. Sumaoang and his products, including Fedgrozyme for the production of femented products.

An expert in fermentation technology will discuss the production of Total Mix Ration (TMR) at the Agribiz Kapihan on Saturday, November 10, at the Harbest Events Center, Rizal Techno Park, in Taytay, Rizal.

Total Mix Ration is a nutritionally improved silage for feeding ruminants like goats, sheep dairy animals. Dr. Ronaldo Sumaoang of the Novatech Group of companies will share the technology that could help improve livestock production in the country.

Unlike the ordinary corn silage, the TMR produced by Dr. Sumaoang is infused with enzymes and fermented solutions for enhanced digestibility of the feed. In addition, extra protein is also added by including amounts of copra and soya meal.

At present, Dr. Sumaoang is collaborating with OFW corn farmers in Pangasinan and Agri Component of Isabela for the mechanized production and processing of corn plants into improved silage that is also vacuum-packed to ensure higher quality.

With the availability of affordable enhanced silage that is available throughout the year, smallholder farmers will be able to take care of more cattle, goats and other ruminants in their backyards. And this could help increase livestock population in the country.

Dr. Sumaoang will also share his experiences in producing organic fertilizer for crops as well as for aquaculture. He also manufactures probiotic products for swine and poultry, and pet food.He will also share his insights on agribusiness and how he manages his agribusiness undertakings.

Dr. Sumaoang has a commerciaql sheep farm in Tarlac City.

Dr. Sumaoang is multiplying the Large Black Pig in his Ragsak Farm.

Dr. Sumaoangโ€™s Ragsak Farm is also an accredited Learning Site by the Agricultural Training Institute. Tis is in collaboration with the Tarlac Agricultural University and Right Agri of Isabela represented by Eugene Gabriel.

Those who would like to attend the Agribiz Kapihan should pre-register with Alecci Jerez at 0946-2593-560 or 0922-852-1843.

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