We just tasted today (May 22, 2018)  very nice-tasting dragon fruit chips at the Dragonfruit Philippines, Inc. in Purok Uno, Brgy. Anonas, Angeles City in Pampanga. It has a chewy consistency, mildly moist and the sweetness is just right without any sugar added. This was served to us by Engr. Crisper Garcia who manages the 22-hectare dragon fruit farm that is expected to produce at east 500 tons this year.


Crisper Garcia showing dragon fruit chips.


Close up of the dragon fruit chips.

The dragon fruit chip is still under experimentation but we strongly believe thee is a very good commercial potential for this as a value-added product. The small fruits that are not marketable as fresh fruit could be converted into chips. But, of course, even the big fruits can be made into chips, especially when there is excess harvest.



Desiri Inocencio, DPI agriculturist, showing a sliced red-fleshed dragon fruit.

Dragon fruit is claimed to have many medicinal attributes, and that should be an incentive to eat more     dragon fruit products, processed or otherwise. We will have more reports about the dragon fruit farm later.


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