When we met Roy Angcaco in his hometown in Carmen, North Cotabato in March . 2011, he had already a vast landholding, was into rice trading and was providing production loans to farmers. But did you know that he started as a poorly paid driver when he went to Saudi Arabia? There’s a lesson we can learn from him. So read on.

SAY YOU ARE HOLDING a minor job but you have spare time, make it a habit to learn a new skill that can make you to earn more. Just like Roy Angcaco who was at first a driver of a furniture company in Saudi Arabia receiving about P12,000 a month.


HE VOLUNTEERED– After a few years a Korean restaurant hired him also as a driver with a salary that was a bit higher. He delivered food to the restaurant’s clients. While he had no driving assignment, he volunteered to help in the kitchen. That’s where mastered to cook Korean, Chinese and Japanese cuisines. By then he was retired as a diver and became a full-time cook in the kitchen. His pay was increased to P20,000 a month.

PIRATED – Roy was so good in cooking Japanese food that a Japanese restaurant pirated him to be the head chef with a salary of P40,000 a month. Being frugal and a bachelor during his employment in Saudi Arabia, Roy was able to save much of his income. That’s why he was able to buy a farm right after returning home and also engaged in rice trading and financing.

THE LESSON? Learn a new skill that can make you earn more.

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