DRYER-SILO COMBINATION: Can Address The Lack Of Dryers & Warehouses In PH

The dryer-silo combination facility from TECO, ย a new manufacturer-supplier from Turkey represented by Agricomp in the Philippines and other Asean countries.

One problem spawned by the rapid mechanization of harvesting rice and corn is the shortage of drying and storage facilities. The grains harvested by machine should be dried within two days from harvesting because the grains that are simulataneouly threshed during harvesting have high moisture content. When drying is delayed, the grains could become moldy resulting in aflatoxin that makes the grains unfit for animal feeding.

Now, the Isabela-based Agri Component Corporation (Agricomp) has partnered with a manufacturer in Turkey, TECO, so that more affordable dryer-cum silo facilities could be made available in the Philippines. Eugene Gabriel, operations manager of Agricomp, said that the dryer-silo combination is of high quality and is much cheaper than the currently available counterparts being imported from the United States and Germany.

The dryer can be run by either diesel or biomass. Because of the lack of dryers and bodegas for storage at this time in the Philippines, the traders stop buying because they don’t have the storage facilities. As a result, prices of rice and corn drastically go down. The farmers are forced to sell their harvest at very low prices because they themselves don’t have the facilities to dry and store their harvests.

The silo is made of wide corrugated steel sheets manufactured from high-strength steel, heavy duty galvanized steel stiffeners and strong box-rib roofs. The complete line of commercial bins is available in diameters from 15 feet (4.57 m) to 105 feet (32 m). Extra-tall sizes are available in all diameters, depending on the customers’ need. Flat bottom silos are in capacities of 1,000 tons to store all kinds of grains such as corn, rice, bean, sunflower and other free-flowing products.

Meanwhile, Gabriel announced that Agricomp is also distributing what is called “Steel Arch Building” also manufactured by the Turkish company that has partnered with Agricomp in distributing the product not only in the Philippines but also all over Southeast Asia. This is a multi-purpose building that can be used for bulk storage of agricultural products (rice, corn, etc), minerals, industrial and can also be used as animal barns. During emergency situations, the same can be used as evacuation center.

Gabriel said that the arch constructions are the most effective spatial structures. They are light while staying extremely rigid and strong. They could withstand super typhoons.

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