Duku Lanzones & Jackfruit In One Hole

Duku Lanzones & Jackfruit In One Hole

More than 10 years ago, a grafted Duku lanzones and a latexless jackfruit seedling were planted together unintentionally at the Sarian Farn in Teresa, Rizal.

It was some kind of an anomaly but the two were not separated. They were just allowed to grow to maturity.

Up to this day, the two trees are apparently comfortable with each other. The Duku is flowering very profusely at this time (early June 2013) and the jackfruit is also in fruit. The jackfruit has been fruiting as early as three years after planting. On the other hand, the Duku has been fruiting for four years now.

The two trees in one hole have become a favorite of visitors for taking their pictures. Just like Andy Domingo Jr. and his wife Dory in photo. They don’t find the double planting amusing. They think the technique is something great.

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