UP GOLD Story no.11


ON AUGUST 26, 2019  we met a guy at a nursery in Laguna. We remember only his first name as Wiliam but we can’t forget how he praised UP Gold durian. The fruits of his 7-year-old tree were not damaged at all by fruit borer unlike those of an old variety, Monthong, that he also had in his backyard. He  also said he loved its sweet and creamy taste.

SEARCHED INTERNET – Curious to know more about UP Gold durian, we searched the Internet for more information. And we found out that the registered name with the National Seed Industry Council is UPLB Gold. However, most people we know, especially nurserymen, simply call it UP Gold. Anyway, we found a bundle of information in the Internet in a form scientists usually do.

INFO UNBUNDLED – Here’s what we got after unbundling the info.

PROLIFIC – UPLB Gold is a prolific bearer that yielded an average of 137.3 kilos per tree during seven fruiting seasons.

EARLY SEASON BEARER – It is an early season variety with fruits maturing from June to July.

SMALL FRUIT – The fruit is oblong and small, weighs 1.65 – 2.5 kg. This is an advantage because small fruits are easier to market to local consumers.

THICK PEEL – It has a thick peel (1.6 cm) which does not split easily even when fully ripe. This means it has a longer shelf life than others.

NO BORER DAMAGE – Fruit  borer damage remains  only on the peel and does not penetrate the fruit.

FREE FROM OTHER DISORDERS – The fruits are also free from wet core and uneven ripening, a physiological disorder common to Chanee and Monthong.

SWEET FLESH – The fruit’s aril or flesh is bright yellow, thick, very creamy and sweet with a mild aroma.

SEEDS – Each fruit has seven to eight well-developed seeds.

EASILY GRAFTED – The variety responds  very well to cleft grafting, a method commonly used to propagate durian in the Philippines. When done during the dry season, grafting success can be 90-95 percent

THE PLANT BREEDER – Subsequently we learned that UPLB Gold was bred by Dr. Leon (Leo) Namuco while he was a Professor and Fruit Breeder at the Department of Horticulture (now Institute of Crop Sciences) of the UP College of Agriculture at Los Baños. He registered his new hybrid as UPLB Gold at the  National Seed Industry Council in honor of his alma mater.

PLANT MORE UPLB GOLD IN LUZON! – There are very good reasons why more people should plant UPLB Gold, especially in Luzon.

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