Dwarf sunflower has money-making possibilities!

Rowena Bienes holding a dwarf sunflower at the Bukid Amara Farm in Lucban, Quezon.

WE SAW this dwarf sunflower during our visit to Bukid Amara in Lucban, Quezon on January 30, 2020. Because of its novelty, I was imagining the money-making possibilities for the enterprisng plant growers, especially those living in and around Metro Manila.

FOR GIVING AS GIFT – Because it is very new and interesting, many people would be interested to buy some for themselves or for giving away as gift. One can grow them to flowering size and then market the same through the social media, through agri-bazaars, weekend markets, etc. The grower may also contact event organizers and propose to produce the dwarf sunflower for use as centerpiece on the dining table. 

BE THE FIRST TO GROW – Oh, there are so many possibilities and the first to grow it for sale will have a good business. The variety is Smiley from Takii Seeds of Japan and is being distributed by Ramgo Seeds headed by Pamela Ong Chan (0928-501-1888). Those interested in buying seeds may also contact 0998-990-7500.  It is a new release in the Philippines.

50 DAYS  ONLY – According to Mike Caballes who owns Bukid Amara, Smiley will be ready for the market in 50 days from seeding. It should be grown in media that is well drained, rich in organic matter, preferably sterilized. The processed growing media such as Biomedia from Novatech would be perfect. Of course additional fertilization will be needed, including foliar.

ACT NOW – Well, here’s another opportunity for flower growers to make a good income. The best thing to do is to act now. Do not to procrastinate. 

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