EDDIE DOROMAL: Hard Work And Agribusiness Sense Made Him Rich

EDDIE DOROMAL: Hard Work And Agribusiness Sense Made Him Rich

(We keep on remembering the inspiring story of Eddie Doromal of Banga, South Cotabato. So we are reproducing our article about this remarkable man so others may be inspired by his example. The article was published in Panorama Magazine on May 15, 2011.)

BLESSED are the early risers, the hard working people who are also gifted with business sense because they are sure to reap their just reward in due time.

EDDIE DOROMAL: Hard Work And Agribusiness Sense Made Him Rich
Eddie Doromal (left) with visitors posing with corn being dried on concrete solar dryer published in Panorama.

There are a few such people that we know and one of them is Eddie Doromal, 52, of Barrio 9, Banga, South Cotabato. When he was an elementary student, he would wake up at four in the morning of every Thursday to go to the public market. With his pushcart, he would assist the sellers of fruits and vegetables in bringing their merchandise to their stalls. For his service, he usually received 50 centavos. Before seven, he would go back to his home with a few pesos in hand. Then he would prepare to go to school. For years, that would be his routine.

Then when he was 12 years old, his grandmother gifted him with a female piglet with the instruction that he take good care of it and then breed it when it was time to do so. That’s exactly what he did and in two years, he was able to multiply the female piglet. When he was 14, he sold seven fattened hogs which fetched him P7,600. That was a fortune to Eddie.

Eddie Doromal at left with visitors.
Eddie Doromal at left with visitors.

And what did he do with his money? That was enough to buy him a brand new tricycle which he used in ferrying passengers from his barrio to the town proper. He still remembers that his tricycle could load eight passengers and he charged 60 centavos per head. For two years, he continued to drive his tricycle and at the same time multiplied his pigs. By the way, his tricycle is still kept in one corner of his headquarters.

Eddie is a frugal person and saved most of his earnings from his pigs and his tricycle driving. Then when he was 18, somebody mortgaged to him one hectare of land for P3,000. That started his career in corn farming which has become his big money maker up to this day.

With the P3,000 income, another one-hectare farm was mortgaged to him, which he planted to hybrid corn. Then two more hectares were mortgaged to him after that. He planted those mortgaged land two to three crops of corn per year. That’s how he increased his income.

EDDIE DOROMAL: Hard Work And Agribusiness Sense Made Him Rich
Eddie Doromal has been raising pigs since his grandmother gifted him with a female piglet when he was 12 years old.

In 1980, when he was 22, Eddie got married. All the more he worked harder and his income correspondingly increased. By the time he got married, he was already planting corn on 10 hectares that were mortgaged to him.

For the first time in 1984, when he was 26, he bought his first two hectares at P24,000. After every cropping or two, more hectares were mortgaged to him, and at the same time he kept on buying more land for himself. By 1990, he had already bought 15 hectares for himself and by the year 2000, his land ownership had increased to 30 hectares, thanks to his income from growing corn, and also from his piggery.

Eddie has not stopped growing pigs since his grandmother gave him a female piglet to raise when he was 12 years old. And he is also making good income from his piggery. Recently, he said, he sold 30 fatteners for a total of P216,000. At the same time of our interview, he had 25 female breeders and 90 were being fattened. He intends to increase his breeders so he could raise more fatteners. He doesn’t sell his piglets. He fattens all of them. After all, he has plenty of corn to feed them.

EDDIE DOROMAL: Hard Work And Agribusiness Sense Made Him Rich
Eddie Doromal’s favorite corn variety Bioseed 9909.

Eddie has continued to buy more land for himself so that today he owns no less than 100 hectares, all used for growing his favorite crop, corn. For the past ;many years, Bioseed 9909 has been his favorite variety. This high-yielding and is said to be resistant to pests and diseases. A newer variety that hs is planting is Healer 101 which is a Bt corn that is claimed to have a potential yield of 11 tons per hectare. Aside from growing corn on land he owns and on farms mortgaged to him, he also finances other farmers. He is currently financing 60 corn farmers who are cultivating no less than 100 hectares.

In financing other farmers, he advances the needed seeds, fertilizers, herbicide, money for paying planters, harvesters and other expenses. These are paid after harvest. Eddie buys the farmers’ harvest and also renders other services such as hauling the harvest, shelling the same and also drying the grains in his spacious cemented solar dryer.

Eddie owns two big trucks for hauling his own harvest as well as those of other farmers. He also has four big tractors for land preparation.

All in all, this very industrious fellow named Eddie Doromal has gone a long way from his pushcart pushing days. He is now a wealthy man who could proudly claim that hard work made him rich.

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