EDGARDO MARCELO: He Harvested 16.63 Tons Hybrid Rice Per Hectare

Edgardo Marcelo, a 51-year-old farmer from Triala, Guimba, Nueva Ecija recently harvested 16.63 tons of SL-8H hybrid rice per hectare, considered the highest reported rice yield obtained by a farmer. He fertilized his rice plants with a combination of organic and chemical fertilizers.

Marcelo was reported to have earned a net income of P182,924 from his farm out of a gross income of P225,514.

The yield per hectare was 297 cavans weighing 60 kilos each. In previous seasons, he planted inbred varieties which yielded 216 cavans per hectare. His usual practice has been to apply 10 sacks of organic fertilizer per hectare. In the hybrid rice crop that gave him the record harvest, he applied 10 bags of organic fertilizer combined with inorganic fertilizer per hectare.

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