Edible Wild Fern Everywhere We Go

Edible wild fern being sold in Liliw’s sidewalk.

EVERYWHERE we went in the last few weeks, we have been encountering the edible wild fern, whether at meal time or in the market.
When we visited Costales Nature Farms in Majayjay, Laguna early February, we enjoyed the fresh salad served by Josie Costales. The same was true when we were invited to Baler, Aurora province. We feasted on the salad of edible wild fern served morning, noon and night.
Then when we went to Liliw, Laguna last March 23, freshly gathered edible wild fern, wrapped in banana leaves, was plentiful in the sidewalks being sold by enterprising women (see photo). Each bundle was being  sold for P20. 

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