EDILEE ROSALES: Her problem became a blessing!

Edilee Rosales and a bottle of Natsoda, one of her wellness products.

It is not unusual for a problem to become a blessing in disguise. It can become a turning point for something great.

SKIN  ASTHMA – Just like what happened to Edilee Rosales who used to work for a beauty products company. It happened that her son Itcho had skin asthma. And she had seen him how he suffered from that malady.

SHE RESEARCHED – Although Edilee is not a technical person (she is a business graduate), she really set herself to researching on a moisturizer that could alleviate the suffering of her son. She searched the internet and also talked to experts, especially on natural medicines. She tried combinations of oil extracts from lemon grass, virgin coconut oil and avocado oil. When she read that honey also has beneficial effects on wellness, she came up with different kinds of bath soaps with honey as one of the ingredients.

48 WELLNESS PRODUCTS – She found her formulations effective and so she was motivated to continue developing bath and other wellness products, eventually putting up her own enterprise which she called Milea Bath and Body Wellness. At the time of our interview in July 2011, she had a collection of 48 bath and wellness products that she had commercialized.

HONEY  A good number of these products use honey as one of the ingredients. These include honey soap, goat’s milk and honey soap, carrot honey soap, propolis soap and others. Propolis, by the way, is another product from honeybees that is claimed to have antibiotic properties.

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