EDNA V. SANCHEZ: A Mistake Gave Birth To Her Premium Dragon Fruit Vinegar

EDNA V. SANCHEZ: A Mistake Gave Birth To Her Premium Dragon Fruit Vinegar
A very happy Edna Sanchez showing her newest product, a premium dragon fruit vinegar.

Sometimes a mistake can be a blessing in disguise. Just like what happened to Edna Sanchez, a Meralco retiree who is doing her own brand of organic farming in a 3.5-hectare property in Jalajala, Rizal.

Her flagship product is dragon fruit which she does not only sell as fresh fruit but also as wine for added value. One day she made the mistake of disturbing the liquid she was fermenting to make wine. That turned the material sour that’s no longer good for making wine. 

She set aside the container that had gone sour and virtually forgot about it. Some 292 days later, she decided to check what happened. Voila! She had tasted the sourest vinegar ever. She immediately realized that here was a new opportunity to produce commercially a dragon fruit vinegar of premium quality. And that’s what she pursued.

She had the vinegar tested at the testing laboratory at UP Los Baños for its acidity and alcohol content. The result? It was great because it had an acidity of 5.49% and zero methanol content. She was then ready to have it analyzed for its nutritional content by an accredited laboratory which she needed for her application for registration with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

The DOST expert who taught her how to make wine gave her a list of laboratories that she could tap for making the nutritional analysis. That’s where she learned about the great differences of charges made by the different laboratories. For instance, some quoted her P40,000 for the service. Others offered P30,000, P20,000 and thereabouts. The lowest which also rendered very competent and friendly service charged her only P6,000. She could tell you the laboratory in Quezon City if you ask her.

Edna has now introduced her premium dragon fruit vinegar in the market. A bottle of 500 ml costs P180. You can contact her at 0920-967-5182.

EDNA V. SANCHEZ: A Mistake Gave Birth To Her Premium Dragon Fruit Vinegar
Edna’s dragon fruit wine in dark bottle and dragon fruit vinegar.
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