2 FARM TIPS: How to produce better quality eggplant.

TIP NO.1 – Remove lower leaves. Why are we going to remove the lower leaves of our eggplant? Well, there are very good reasons for that. The lower leaves are usually no longer functional. And they consume some nutrients from the soil. So they dont serve any good. 

Removing the lower leaves will result in better ventilation in the field. Better ventilation could avoid fungal infection. Also, leaves that are not removed might be the nesting place of insect pests.

TIP NO.2 – On December 5-9, 2018, we were invited to the 50th anniversary celebration of Known-You Seed of Taiwan. Known-You is one of the biggest seed companies in that island nation specializing in hybrid vegetables and other high-value crops.

We learned a very simple technique for inducing the plants to bear a lot more fruits than usual. The technician explained that when the transplanted seedlings have developed six leaves, the growing point is pinched so that new branches will sprout. Usually four branches will come out. As they grow bigger the four branches are trained to develop sidewards instead of growing upwards. This enables the plants to produce more fruits.

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