EGGSHELL + Chicken Manure = Robust Guyabano!

Photo shows Carol’s caretaker posing with the robust guyabano.

WHEN YOU visit the farm managed by Carol Felicitas in Lipa City you will see right from the entrance 4-year-old guyabano trees that are so robust without any sign of pest infestation. When you ask her what chemical spray she is using, she will tell you she does not spray anything. And what fertilizer does she use?

HER OWN CONCOCTION  Carol uses her one-of-a-kind organic fertilizer formulation. This is actually a mixture of fermented eggshell and old chicken manure. An excavation is made in the ground where the eggshells are buried for four to five months. The eggshells are sprayed with EM (effective microorganism) to hasten fermentation and decomposition.

PER BATCH – For each batch, 20 big pails (balde, about 10 gallons)) of eggshell are buried in the ground. Eggshells are no problem for Carol because her boss has a big bakeshop which uses thousands of eggs daily.

OLD CHICKEN MANURE – Fifty sacks of manure (bought at P15 per sack) are mixed with the decomposed eggshell which she uses to fertilize the guyabano, papaya and other crops. The mixture also makes an excellent potting medium for germinating seeds of other crops or rooting cuttings of black pepper, for example.

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