Eminent Foreign Speakers At Bougainvillea Extravaganza

Make sure to be there on Feb. 20, the opening day, because there will be auction of rare bougainvilleas from around the world.
The world’s most prolific bougainvillea hybridizer from Taiwan, Mr. Gu Da, will demonstrate how to pollinate bougainvillea.
This is one of Gu Da’s bougainvillea hybrids.

A 12-day Bougainvillea extravaganza will be staged from February 20 to March 2, 2020 at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. The event is under the auspices of Baby Spowart’s Chat Group focussed on nothing but bougainvillea. Her Facebook friends number 72,000 strong from different countries around the world.

Spowart said that  four foreign members of her Chat Group will be giving lectures during the Bougainvillea Extravaganza. One of them is Mr. Gu Da, the most prolific bougainvillea hybridizer in the world with hundreds of thousands of hybrids to his name. He will demonstrate how to hybridize bougainvilleas. He is from Taiwan.

Another noted speaker is Dr. Junnai Nui of China whose field of experience is breeding and cytogenetics of bougainvilleas and other tropical plants.

Dr. Junnai Nui from China is expert in breeding and cytogenetics of bougainvillea and other tropical flowers.
Purushottam Bapat will talk on Bougainvilleas in India.
Michael Ferrero will discuss Bougainvilleas in Australia, past and present.

Purutsottam Bapat, a bougainvillea grower, will talk on bougainvilleas in India. On the other hand, Michael Ferrero will talk on bougainvilleas in Australia, past and present.

From the Philippines, Vic Chin will talk on trace elements for bougainvilleas. Nyong Lazo will talk on grafting and creating new forms like topiaries and trees. Spowart, on the other hand, will reveal her secrets in inducing flowering in bougainvilleas.

Right after the opening on February 20, there will be auction of rare bougainvillea hybrids and varieties. Also to be auctioned are bougainvillea bonsai by Baby herself. Spowart says that many members are eager to see her creations.

In the many years past, bougainvilleas were just taken for granted as an ordinary flowering plant. Now, Baby’s Group will highlight the many virtues of bougainvillea as a decorative plant. It is the most hardy plant for planting in roadsides and expressways. It is also an excellent material for making bonsai, topiaries and other forms.

On February 21 the Bougainvillea Conference will be held at the Conference Hall of the Bureau of Soils and Water Management. On February 22, the group will tour farms and gardens in Bulacan, including Baby Spowart’s own farm

Baby Spowart will reveal her secrets in inducing bougainvilleas to flower at the Bougainvillea Extravaganza.
Baby Spowart’s creations.
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