Encounter With A Japanese Taxi Driver

When we heard on radio recently that a Filipino cab driver had victimized his Vietnamese passenger in Manila, we were reminded of  our own experience with a Japanese taxi driver in 1998.

That was when we visited Our Lady of Akita in Japan where miracles reportedly had happened, including Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa being cured of her deafness during a mass in 1982.

We, my wife and I, were in the company of our friend Gloria Balderama who is a good friend of the nuns in the convent. Gloria was really close to the nuns because every time she exported flowers to Japan, a bouquet was  always sent to them at the Institute of the Handmaids  of the Holy Eucharist.

From the airport, we took a taxi to Akita. It was winter and it was heavily snowing. Midway, our taxicab was stuck in heavy snow, and no matter how hard the driver tried to get out of his predicament he did not succeed. He then radioed somebody for help.

Within a very short time, a new taxi came along to take us to our destination. When we arrived at the convent, we brought out our wallet to pay him.

To our great surprise, he said “Oh, no pay. No pay.” And then he sped away leaving us stunned and unbelieving. Do you think this could ever  happen in the Philippines or elsewhere? (Memoirs of an Agri Journalist)


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