ENEROSSI SILAGE MOWER: For Faster Harvesting Of Crops For Making Silage

EUGENE GABRIEL of Isabela-based Right Agri Company is one fellow who was particularly interested in the Enerossi Silage Mower that was showcased at the Sima-Asean Agribusiness trade show in Bangkok on June 6-8, 2018.

Gabriel and his partners are into commercial production of the standard silage as well as TMR or Total Mix Ration which is silage enriched with Biorumizyme and Fersol which are enzymes and beneficial microorganisms for higher digestibility and increased nutritional content of the feed.


The Enorossi Silage Mower showcased at the Sima-Asean Agribusiness trade show.


Eugene Gabriel (right) at the Sima-Asean Agribusiness trade show in Bangkok.

The Enorossi Silage Mower is a robust, durable and strong self-loading machine perfect for harvesting crops like Super Napier (Pakchong 1), corn, sorghum, sugarcane, King grass and similar forage crops. The machine cuts and shreds the harvested biomass simultaneously so that the shredded materials are immediately ready for making silage.

Commercial production of silage that is affordable is the key to increasing livestock population in the Philippines, particularly cattle (beef and dairy) goat, sheep and buffaloes. The main reason why many farmers are raising just a few head of cattle and other ruminants is because there is no available affordable animal feed when grass is scarce during the summer months. With the availability of affordable silage, farmers can increase the number of animals that they can grow throughout the year.


Dairy cattle feeding on silage.

One big problem of silage makers in the Philippines is the very costly harvesting of forage crops by manual labor. Manual labor is not only slow, it is also expensive because there is a shortage of farm workers who would do the manual harvesting. With machine, harvesting would be faster and will cost much less.


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